January 01, 2021



GOODBYE 2020 HELLO 2021.

Wow what a year it has been. There has been many ups and plenty of downs, however we have all come through to start this new year off - hopefully better then last!!!

My name is Alyce and part-owner of Mudgee Florist. I'm going to be starting 2021 with a blog here and there throughout the year.

Lets go back to March last year. COVID-19 struck! In the flower world it was a HUGE struggle. Prices were astronomical We closed our doors but behind the scene we were struggling to keep up. Phone calls kept coming through for loved ones that couldn't be there for birthdays, new babies, Mothers Day (omg hectic week) etc and flowers delivered by contactless delivery. Its wasn't as satisfying delivering and placing flowers down. You always love to see a smile on the receivers face when handing them to them.

Our doors opened back up with the social distancing in place, Mother Day came and that week we draining. With 3 Florist on, 2 ladies behind the counter, 3 delivery drivers (including multiple trips around town, Gulgong, Rylstone, Kandos and Saturday. and Sunday trip to Dubbo). 

Thoughtout the rest of the year it was quite constant. We love to create (when we have time) but when we do they are gone off the shelf within days! DRIED ARRANGEMENTS are a HUGE thing!

We manage though and I'm so thankful for our team Margo (part-owner) and Kel also our families and friends for helping us.

2020 we learnt a lot and for 2021 we are ready to take on anything coming our way.


Alyce x